Wedding Checklist 

Planning your wedding can seem like a daunting task – so many things to organise and remember.

It often helps if you create a wedding checklist. A list of everything you might need and want for your big day.


Your wedding will be full of all of your special, personalised touches, but before you can think about those, you need to ensure you have your essentials in place.

These are the fundamentals you will need for your wedding.

The first is probably the biggest decision, you have to decide your budget. And for this, you must be realistic. Don’t base your ideas on a £10k budget, if realistically you’re going to be able to have a budget of £5k. Think about what is really important to you, and therefore what do you actually need to make your wedding your own perfect day. Find out costs as soon as possible. This will help you plan your budget. Once your budget is set, stick with it. It is so easy to overspend on a wedding. Those little “one more thing” ideas soon add up. Stick with the essentials, and once you have those in place, if you have budget left over, then go wild!

Next is your date. You need to decide what kind of wedding you would like. Maybe a traditional summer wedding with all the trimmings, or perhaps an alternative wedding held at Halloween, or maybe you’ve always wanted a Christmas themed wedding. Think about your style, your likes and decide which time of year and theme you like best.

The next essential is your venue. You need to really think about what you want your day to be like, and look at venues available in your budget. For tips on finding your perfect venue see our Finding Your Wedding Venue Blog 

And finally, decide on the size of your wedding. Whether you choose big or intimate, always remember it is your day, so you can invite whomever you choose, or not.

The Day

Your wedding should be as unique as you are. Choose your theme, your style and make it unique to you.

Our wedding checklist has a list of what you may need for your day, add to the list as you choose, for example a photo-booth.

Work your way down the wedding checklist and tick off each item as you organise it.

Follow our suggested timescales, so you ensure you get everything in place on time. For example, a wedding dress may take longer than you think to arrive. Most bridal boutiques will suggest around 8 months before the wedding is when you should be ordering your dress. Obviously if you are going for a pre-loved dress, the timescale will be much easier.

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be daunting, planning ahead is key, and if you follow our simple checklist, you can have everything covered.

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