Finding a Whitby Wedding Venue can be difficult, but we can help you find your perfect venue! 

To find your perfect venue simply answer the 5 questions below, so you are ready to ask your venue whether they match with your requirements:

Question1: Numbers. How many guests do you want? Now this may sound simple, but is it? Smaller, boutique weddings are becoming more popular than ever following the restrictions over the last few years, and the rising costs associated with getting married.  Do you really want big and bling, or smaller and more intimate? Make a list of those you really want at your wedding. This will give you an idea of your perfect venue size.

Question 2: Location, location, location. You may have thought about an out of the way location, but is it accessible for your guests? Especially those using public transport? Or those staying over? How far is it from the hotel, the train station, car parks, local shops etc? Is it going to be an expensive taxi ride? This map of Whitby may help you: Click here

Question 3: Layout flexibility. Have you thought about your room layout? How do you want your venue seating layout to look? Many venues offer package layouts (often tables of 8). Is this something you want? Or do you want a different room layout that is unique to you and your guests?

Question 4: Food choices. If you have guests with dietary requirements, can the venue help with these? Is there a set menu with a few options, or can you build your own food package that suits you and your day?

Question 5: Budget. Whilst you may have thought about a huge wedding with lots of guests, your head may be saying what about the cost? For many couples budget is the main factor when choosing a venue. But that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on your venue. You just need to find a venue that understands your budget and will work with you to create a bespoke package that fits with of all the factors above; but that also fits your budget, and still gives you your perfect day.

Remember, you need to keep an open mind when thinking about your wedding venue. Many couples find their plans change once they find their perfect venue.

Whichever Whitby Wedding Venue you are considering, make sure you have answered the questions above in your own mind, so you know what you need to ask the venue.

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