Find your perfect Whitby Wedding Photographer 

On your big day, you want the memories to last a lifetime. By capturing those precious moments, your photographer can give you the means to look back on those memories, and even see things you missed on the big day! 

Selecting a photographer can be difficult, so we’ve put together some tips for you. 

The best way to select a photographer, is to decide exactly what you want, and then find one that best meets your needs (no one may meet them 100% so go as close as you can). 

Some tips on what you should decide:

Question 1: What kind of photos do I want? Some photographers focus on the traditional shots, group photos etc. Others focus on more candid, relaxed shots. Have a look a their work and decide if that’s the style you want. 

Question 2: When do I want them to start/finish? Some photographers will offer a package that includes getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, up to the first dance; or just a part of these. Others may offer a package of a certain amount of time e.g. 4 hours. You need to decide what parts you want photographing, as the longer you have them, the more you will pay. 

Question 3: Talking of payment, you need to work out your budget. Some photographers offer budget packages, others are more expensive but each will have a reason for this. You have to decide on what type of photos you want, and what you can afford to pay. 

Question 4: Can I get a student or beginner photographer cheaper or even free? Well yes, but with everything you get what you pay for. If you’re happy to take a chance, then make sure you have a pre-shoot with them. Don’t leave it until the big day to then find out they’re a bit out of their depth. There are no re-runs of your big day, so it has be perfect on the day. This is where you are paying for their experience not just the photos, so you need to bear this in mind. 

Question 5: Do photographers travel? Yes, most photographers will travel, but this may come with an additional fee. They will quote for this as part of their wedding quote. 

Question 6: How do I know I can trust them? Photographers make their livelihood from referrals etc. so most are honest, hardworking individuals. Most photographers will be upfront about costs straight away. A good photographer will be able to show you their previous work. Also, your venue may recommend a good photographer. 

We have two recommended photographers: 

James Howard Wedding Photography: James is a budget friendly, Whitby based photographer, offering different packages. You can see his work here

Nicholas Teal Photography: Nick offers a complete package, from enagagement shoot through to the big day. He is a highly skilled and experienced. You can see his work here

Thank you for reading our blog. You can get more hints and tips at our Whitby Wedding Guide Blog here 








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