Whitby Wedding Photo Locations

When you are looking for the best places for your photographs, Whitby has so many choices – and not just the obvious ones!

Below we’ve listed some of the best Whitby Wedding Photo Locations for you.


The Whalebones  – If you’re getting married in Whitby, you want at least one photo of the iconic Whitby Abbey in your background! The Whalebones are perfect for this. Sited on the West Cliff they give the perfect border to your photograph.

The whalebones are one of Whitby’s most famous landmarks. They are a reminder of Whitby’s whaling heritage. Sited on the West Cliff near then Captain Cook statue, they frame the picturesque cottages and the Abbey and St Mary’s church, providing a perfect backdrop for your photos. 

The Keyhole from the West Cliff  -Nestled in the bank near the Whalebones is the tunnel known as Keyhole. It’s a perfect place to take a more relaxed photo.

The tunnel has inspired a lot of literary classics over the years. including Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.



Keyhole Tunnel Whitby
Photo of Whitby landscape

Photo credit: View Yorkshire 

Pannet Park – 

Situated just an eight minutes walk from the centre of Whitby, Pannet Park is full of perfect places to have your photos. Whether by the pergola, the fountain, or in front of the lush foliage of the trees and shrubberies, the possibilities are huge.

Pannet Park is also home to the famous Whitby floral clock, which was originally created in 1953, in celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The redesigned to a crown shape in celebration of her diamond jubilee in 2012.

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