Whitby in the winter – a beautiful place whatever the time of year!

In winter there is just something magical about Whitby. The quaint little houses and shops shining cosy lights, the cobbles on the narrow streets shining in the streetlight, and the fresh sea air blowing in.

Below we’ve put together our 5 top reasons for visiting in the winter.

1. Whitby’s popularity through the summer is unquestionable, so visiting out of the high season is the perfect time for enjoying the town’s delights without the crowds. The beaches are far less busy to wander along, taking in the rejuvenating fresh air of the North Sea. Perfect for blowing away cobwebs and giving you a natural energy boost, which we could all use in winter! 

2. With the towns shopping areas being less busy, you can spend more time window shopping and browsing inside the many interesting independent shops Whitby has to offer. One of Whitby’s charms is its quirkiness and the local independent shops add to this. With jewellers specialising in Whitby jet, clothing shops and shoe shops that sell beautiful unique ranges, home furnishing shops that sell everything from the weird to the wonderful, and other interesting shops, it’s a paradise for those that like to see new things. And if your tastes include the unusual you’ll find lots to see here in Whitby! Don’t forget to check out the Whitby Bookshop too, and pick up the perfect book to snuggle up with. 

3. The views of Whitby are spectacular at any time of the year, but during the winter months, Whitby has the most majestic sunrises and sunsets. From November through until late February you will see many local and visiting photographers taking advantage of the later sunrises and earlier sunsets, and the breathtaking imagery of the sun setting against the town’s landscape and over the sea. Whitby is one of the few places where the sun can both rise and set at sea. It truly is magical. And if you are very lucky, you may even catch a view of the Northern Lights during the winter months! 

4. Whitby is one of the most dog friendly places along the Yorkshire Coast. And with fewer people around in the winter it’s much easier to take nervous, shy, bigger, or service dogs out and about. During the winter months, dogs are free to enjoy the beaches as the dog ban is lifted, and have great fun paddling in the sea! Give the Fuzzy Dog Bakery on Flowergate a visit for all of your doggy needs! 

5. At the height of the summer months, the main wildlife you can spot amongst the visitors are the seagulls, whose presence is often heard before seen. However, during the winter, Whitby welcomes back many other friends of nature. Grey seals come ashore at Ravenscar in November, ready for the breeding season.  

And a bonus reason to visit: many of the car parks in Whitby are free or lower cost in the winter, and demand for the free roadside spots is much less during the winter months – save the cash to enjoy a yummy winter dessert or hot chocolate! 

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope to welcome you soon!

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