Whitby Krampus Run is the alternative festive fun…

Now in its eighth year the Whitby Krampus Run or WKR, is the annual celebration of the alternative Christmas traditions. 

Held on the closest weekend to the Feast St Nicholas (6th December) every year, WKR has become a highlight of the year in Whitby. 

Traditionally St Nicholas would reward nice children with gifts, and the Krampus would accompany him, and punish the naughty children. The Krampus are horned beasts who traditionally carry sticks, for punishing the naughty children.

WKR is a costumed street parade bringing the Krampus to life. Led by St Nicholas, the Krampus follow behind marching to the beat of the drums. 

The parade and the Krampus Ball are charity fundraisers, and have raised thousands of pounds for St Catherine’s Hospice and Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Children of all sizes are mesmerised by the Krampus, and rather than being scared of their antics, many children want to join in and have fun with the Krampus. There are children’s workshop leading up to the parade where children can make their own Krampus masks and more. 

This year’s WKR will take place on Saturday 3rd December. 

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Whitby Krampus Run

Photo Credit: View Yorkshire