Our beautiful ballroom has been hosting weddings and functions since 1928. Many wonderful memories were made here and we’ve had lots of stories shared with us.

During the Heritage Open Day Weekend in September 2019 we were donated this wonderful video from a wedding in 1967, held in the ballroom.

In 1967 the business was known as “Mill’s Cafe”, as it had been since 1928. It was very popular with local people in Whitby and many held their weddings and other functions here. The cafe remained as “Mill’s Cafe” until the turn of the millennium when it was sold and renamed “Harbour View”. Sadly as “Harbour View” the function side of the business fell away and the cafe was only opened sporadically throughout the summer.

Our journey as Hetty and Betty started in 2019 and the ballroom was relaunched in July 2019. We are now growing the venue side of the business, creating new memories for people to share for many years to come.

We are always fascinated to learn about our business’ history, so if you have memories of the ballroom, please get in touch, we’d love to hear your story!

Thanks for your reading! We hoped your enjoyed our blog and we look forward to welcoming you to our cafe