What is a Wedding Journal?

A wedding journal is a wonderful way to tell your story. It can tell the story of your relationship so far, or the story of your wedding day. You can use the idea in two ways:

A journal for you guests to read at your wedding, dealing the journey of your relationship;

or, a memento of your big day, to treasure in years to come. 

Or you could do both. 

The Journey of Your Relationship

Putting together a journal of your relationship journey for your friends and family to look through at your wedding is a lovely way of telling your story.

It can be as detailed as you wish. A great start is adding the first picture of you together. Tell the story of your first date. Add holiday snaps and stories you’ve shared.

A lovely touch is to include stories and photos of those who are sharing your big day with you.

You could add pictures of maps of your first meeting, where you got engaged and where you are getting married. See the example picture:

A Memento of Your Big Day

Many couples will have a guest book, for their guests to sign on the day. You can expand on this and create a journal of your day.

Using an instant camera such as a Polaroid means that your guests can take pictures on the day and put them into your journal, with their well wishes. Maybe even their place cards. A lot of couples opt for a photo booth, so this would give you the perfect place to add these photos.

You could add a wedding favour, and your bride/groom place cards.

Or how about adding a dried flower from your bouquet, or buttonhole.

Whatever you choose to add, it will be a book full of memories of your special day.

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