Top Things to do in Whitby

Whitby is a perfect destination for a day, a short, or a long visit. Below we’ve listed the top things to do in the town centre. 

Boat Trips – A perfect way to feel the sea air on your cheeks, and see Whitby’s stunning skyline. And if you’re lucky and time it just right, you can see all sorts of marine life swimming alongside you! There are a number of boat trips available. Including a mini replica of Captain Cook’s Endeavour, a Pirate Ship and the Yellow Boats.

Lighthouse – Climb the lighthouse steps for some spectacular views. Situated on the West Pier, it’s very easy to spot. For a small fee, you can climb to the top and have a seagulls view! 

Whitby Museums – There are a number of museums in Whitby: the Captain Cook Museum; Whitby Museum are two favourites. With reasonable entry fees, you get to spend a few hours learning all there is to know about Whitby, and many other surprises too! See the links below:

Whitby Museum

Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Pannet Park – A lovely large park to enjoy a scenic walk. Find out more here

Whalebone Arch – This is one of the most famous landmarks in Whitby, and perfect for taking photos! Up on the West cliff, it also has some spectacular views of Whitby.

Shopping – Whitby has some beautiful old streets on the east side, where you can find little independent home furnishing shops, jewellers, clothing shops and more.  However, these can get quite crowded during the peak of the day, so we’d recommend checking out Skinner Street, Silver Street and Flowergate too. They are up on the west cliff and lead back down to the main area of the town. On them you’ll find a wide array of different shops. Simply turn left at the Whale bones and keep going. 

199 Steps – Possibly the most famous landmark, the steps lead you up to the Abbey. And if you lose count, there are “roundels” on certain steps telling you how many steps you’ve gone. See if you can find them! 

Whitby Abbey – The famous Abbey that inspired Dracula and countless other works. A great time can be had exploring the Abbey and its grounds. Find out more here

And finally, the beach – No trip to Whitby is complete without a visit to the beautiful beach. Whitby sits on the Jurassic coast, so there’s every chance you can spot a fossil. Be aware of the tide times, which are written every day on board on the little hut on the bridge. The tide can come in quite quickly, and its not unusual for people to be cut off and get stranded on small islands, as they realise too late that the sea has surrounded them.

If you are visiting with children, see our blog on Cheap Things to do with kids in Whitby for some money saving tips!

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Photo Credits: View Yorkshire

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