Handfasting Ceremony Whitby 

What is a Handfasting Ceremony? A Handfasting Ceremony is an alternative ceremony with roots in ancient Celtic rituals. The idea is that two hands are tied  together as a symbol of uniting two lives.

Historically, handfasting was legally binding, but today it is purely ceremonial.

Often hands are bound before the ring exchange, but some couples opt for the ring exchange first. Some don’t have rings at all.

The Cords

Although called cords, these are strips of material, usually ribbon.

The colours of the cords represent different aspects of marriage. You can have as many as you wish. However, you can use material important to you, such as from your parents wedding dress, to make it more personal.

The example photo used is with permission from one of our lovely couples who held their ceremony in our Ballroom.

The example in the photo we’ve used, has three cords; yellow, green and silver.

The yellow represents the sun. For as sure as the sun will rise every day, the love of the couple will also shine each day.

The green represents nature and the leaves on the trees. For as sure as the leaf belongs to the tree, the couple belong to each other, and their love will continue to grow year after year.

The silver represents the moon for friendship. For as sure as the moon has looked down on the couple, they have looked up at her. And the beauty of their relationship is as beautiful as moonlight upon the sea.

The colours and meaning of each colour is decided by the couple and their Celebrant.

The Vows

Couples will usually devise, write and say their own vows. Your celebrant should be able to help with this.They will usually have suggested vows, which you can tweak.  Some couples prefer traditional style vows, whereas, others go with completely unique, personalised vows. No two handfastings are ever the same.

Saving Your Cords

The example photo we’ve used, also shows a great way of keeping your cords forever. By tying them around a candle, you can light the candle every anniversary or significant date. Some couples prefer to have them framed with a copy of their vows.

However you choose to keep them, they’re a perfect reminder of the vows you made, and of your love for one and other.

We have a recommended celebrant on our preferred supplier list that can provide handfasting ceremonies for you.

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