Crabbing in Whitby

Cheap things to do in Whitby with kids

Every parent knows the feeling of dread when they arrive for a day out and see the £ sign everywhere, but a day out with kids in Whitby doesn’t have to be expensive. 

There are a number of fun, interesting things to do that are either free or low cost.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites below for you, so you can plan a great day out.

The Beach – How can a trip to the seaside be complete without building a sandcastle and paddling in the sea? And Whitby boasts a beautiful beach where you can relax, play and soak up the sea air. And Whitby beach has been named as one of the top five in the country!

Crabbing – This has to be one of the most popular pastimes for kids visiting Whitby. All you need is a bucket, a line and bait. All of these can be picked up cheaply at the local shops, if you haven’t already got one, at a cost of around £2 each for the lines, £3 for the bucket and £1 for bait. We’d recommend Landers Butchers (just up the road from us on Baxtergate) for your bait, as the crabs really enjoy it! You may find that other families are happy to pass on their buckets etc. for other kids to use, saving you the cost of the equipment, and helping the environment. Please make sure you dispose of your equipment thoughtfully, as discarded nets and lines do some terrible damage to our sea animals, and local boats – save some cash and take it home with you to use another time! A good couple of hours can be spent catching, counting and releasing the crabs, so it’s good value for money.

Whitby Museums – We are very lucky in Whitby to have some brilliant museums. This is especially good if the weather turns whilst you are visiting! The following museums are worth a visit:

Whitby Museum sits proudly in Pannet Park. A fantastic museum packed to the rafters with interesting finds and treasures –  with all the quirkiness you’d except from a museum in Whitby! Entry is £6 per adult and under 18s go free. Over 18 full time students get a £2 discount with a valid NUS card. And because the museum sits in the park, the free children’s play park is just outside. So a full morning or afternoon of exploring and playing can be had for a family of four for just £12.

Whitby boasts the Captain Cook Memorial Museum – a fascinating museum full of the history of Caption Cook. Entry is £7 per adult and under 16s are free so for a family of two adults and two children it’s just £14 to spend a couple of hours learning all about Whitby’s most famous explorer.

Visiting the old town – The east side of Whitby is often referred to as the “old town”. There are lots of narrow streets to explore, and yards to find – see if you can find Arguments Yard! A lovely walk around the town will give you glimpse into the history of it, and a chance to take to some lovely photos! We’d recommend visiting the old town either early in the morning, or later in the day to avoid the crowds.

Boat Trips – A perfect way to feel the sea air on your cheeks, and see Whitby’s stunning skyline. And if you’re lucky and time it just right, you can see all sorts of marine life swimming alongside you! There are a number of boat trips available. We’d recommend the Yellow Boats. Fares cost £6 per adult, £3 for under 14s and under 5s are free. So a family of four will cost up to £18  for a short cruise out to sea. A moneysaving tip: towards the end of the day, the boat trip is shortened, so you get the trip cheaper.

So with a morning on the beach, followed by a couple of hours crabbing, then an afternoon spent in Whitby Museum and Pannet Park, with a wander around the old town, and finally a boat trip – a family of four can enjoy a jam-packed day for just £38!

And at Hetty & Betty you can enjoy a Whitby Fish & Chips Afternoon Tea (including unlimited hot/soft drinks) for 2 adults for £28, and kids fish and chips (including a drink) for just £5.95 – a perfect Whitby fish and chips family lunch or dinner for a busy family day for under £40!

Making memories without breaking the bank!