Welcome to Chatterbooks

A place where you can swap your books, chat about what you’ve read and attend events! It’s a book club, but not as you know it….

Book Swap

Swapping your books is easy. Just pop into the cafe any time and exchange your books with any from the shelves. All we ask is that you make a suggested donation of 50p into one of our charity boxes. If you don’t have any books to swap, and a book catches your eye, you can buy a book for a £1 donation. The book stock is constantly changing as people swap and donate books, so it’s always worth a look.

Book Club

Unlike traditional book clubs, Chatterbooks doesn’t require you to read a particular book to discuss. Instead, we use the time to recommend books to others in the group, we talk about which books we have found to be good reads, and new authors we’ve found, which means you can come along to the book club even if you’re only in Whitby for a day. We also share which independent bookshops we’ve visited in different areas, and recommend great places for picking up a great read. All whilst enjoying a slice of cake! We have also now launched #Chatterbooks on Twitter so our book club recommendations come from just about everywhere. The Book Club runs periodically throughout the year, see our events page, and follow us on Facebook to get the dates. Everyone is welcome.

Special Events

We happily host special events through the year. These involve guest authors and speakers, book signings, special book readings, and visits from some very special guests. These are ticketed events throughout the year. See our events page, and follow us on Facebook to find out what is coming up.